Experience Less Pain and Fewer Risks through Single Site Surgery

All About Women Obstetrics and Gynecology is proud to have been a part of an amazing advancement in surgical procedures. Our very own Dr. Anthony Agrios, founder and senior provider of our Gainesville, Florida practice, was the first surgeon to perform robotic hysterectomy surgery at North Florida … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Backlash – 3 Common Controversies

Even with research showing that breastfeeding is better for babies, there are instances of breastfeeding controversies—especially in the U.S. These controversies range from ‘inappropriate’ breastfeeding, breastfeeding in public and milk sharing. ‘Inappropriate’ Breastfeeding Inappropriate, by … [Read more...]

Research Studies Three Generations of Women

There’s an excellent write up in the San Francisco Chronicle this week discussing a study that’s both groundbreaking and unusual. The reason? Researchers have been able to gather data from three generations of women. The Chronicle interviewed participant Ida Washington regarding how her … [Read more...]

3 Ways da Vinci Robotic Surgery Benefits Patients

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery has been in the news quite a bit lately. Our own Dr. Anthony Agrios recently celebrated 5 years of performing robot-assisted procedures on patients. In light of this, we thought it might be helpful to explain what the da Vinci system is and how this exciting technology … [Read more...]

Woman Gives Birth to Baby who Developed Outside of Womb – Amazing Story!!

You would think a baby who isn’t developing in the safe cocoon of its mother’s uterus would certainly never be born. But that wasn’t the case of Nicollete Soto in Arizona – the 27-year old mother gave birth to a baby boy whose only protection inside his mother was a thin wall of membrane and … [Read more...]

Woman Gives Birth to Healthy Girl after Completing Marathon

Run a marathon in the morning…check Begin labor and give birth to a baby girl that afternoon…check Talk about a jam packed day!! But that’s the day Amber Miller had recently. At 39-weeks pregnant, Amber participated and completed the Chicago marathon – all 26.2 miles of it. Just minutes … [Read more...]