Your First Mammogram: Common Questions Answered

Is it going to be painful? Do I really need to get this done now? I’m too young to be going for a mammogram. What if they find something? These are all very normal concerns a young woman might have before getting her first mammogram. Your first mammogram can be a nerve-wracking experience. But … [Read more...]

Gainesville’s All About Women Introduces New Surgical Robot at North Florida Regional Medical Center

The newest member of the da Vinci® Robotic Systems, Xi, visited us today. NFRMC, the hospital where our practice is located, held a special event for the public to come test drive the surgical robot, meet with the robotic surgeons, and hear a presentation from these surgeons on the new technology. … [Read more...]

What to Expect From a Hysterectomy

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hysterectomies are the second most common surgical procedure among women. If you’ve heard of the term “hysterectomy” from medical articles, doctors or even your friends, it can sound intimidating. You might not know what the surgery … [Read more...]

Effective Alternatives to a Hysterectomy

When you're suffering from painful periods or heavy, constant bleeding that interrupts your life, it might seem like the simplest solution is to have a hysterectomy. But getting your uterus removed is a big deal. Besides ending your fertility, a hysterectomy also initiates the bothersome symptoms of … [Read more...]

Experience Less Pain and Fewer Risks through Single Site Surgery

All About Women Obstetrics and Gynecology is proud to have been a part of an amazing advancement in surgical procedures. Our very own Dr. Anthony Agrios, founder and senior provider of our Gainesville, Florida practice, was the first surgeon to perform robotic hysterectomy surgery at North Florida … [Read more...]

New Recommendations Aimed at Preventing First Time Cesareans

In Florida today, 37% of all women give birth to their baby by way of cesarean.  Many first time moms find themselves having a C-section because of a failure to progress during labor or because of concerns over abnormal fetal heart rate. Other women prefer a C-section because of its convenience and … [Read more...]

Is Endometriosis the Cause of Your Menstruation Pain?

Chronic pelvic pain during menstruation is not normal. If you experience debilitating pelvic pain when you menstruate that affects your lifestyle, you may have endometriosis. Most women experience discomfort just before and during their periods, but when that pain causes you to miss work, it’s time … [Read more...]

Recovering from a Cesarean

According to the CDC, 32.8% of all births in the United States are delivered by cesarean, also called a c-section. That’s nearly one in every three women who have to undergo this procedure during delivery. Having a cesarean is major surgery and requires hospitalization, so realize that it will … [Read more...]

First Ever Womb Transplant Takes Place in Sweden

A groundbreaking surgery has recently taken place in Sweden, and it could mean great things for the future of fertility treatments. It seems a team of specialists at Sweden’s University of Gothenburg have successfully performed two womb transplants. One of the patients, a cervical cancer … [Read more...]

Study: Certain Cervical Treatments Less Problematic Than Previously Thought

When women are diagnosed with cervical dysplasia – abnormal, often pre-cancerous cells in the cervix – the obvious course of action is to remove those cells to protect the patient’s overall health. Unfortunately there are risks that come with having even small portions of the cervix removed, … [Read more...]