The Mystery of Mother’s Breast Milk

understanding breast milk

Breast milk is a baby’s first food, so shouldn’t we know what’s in it?

Surprisingly, we don’t know as much as we probably should. We know more about the contents of wine, coffee and tomatoes than we do about breast milk.

For example, we only recently discovered that when a baby’s saliva is mixed with a mother’s breast milk it creates a chemical that can kill staph and salmonella.

In a recent TED talk, Katie Hinde of the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University explained how little we know and why we need to learn more about breast milk.

Why Should We Learn More About Breast Milk?

  • Quality care. The more information and education health care providers have about breastfeeding, the more supportive they can be in the days, weeks and months after birth in helping new mothers breastfeed.
  • Better formula. As we understand more about the composition of breast milk, the quality of formula created for babies increases. For example, did you know that the breast milk women create for a boy is different than that which they create for a girl? In the future, we may be able to create a formula specifically for boys and girls if we understand more.
  • Public health. If lawmakers and policymakers understand the need to support breastfeeding, we will have more supportive breastfeeding laws and policies.

To watch Katie Hinde’s full TED Talk, click on the video below:

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