An Apple a Day: How Eating Fruit Could Make Your Baby Smarter

It may seem obvious that eating fruit is beneficial to the body’s overall health and is part of a balanced diet during pregnancy, but recent research has shown that eating fruit while pregnant may even make your growing baby smarter. The results are preliminary, but researchers at the University … [Read more...]

The Mystery of Mother’s Breast Milk

Breast milk is a baby’s first food, so shouldn’t we know what’s in it? Surprisingly, we don’t know as much as we probably should. We know more about the contents of wine, coffee and tomatoes than we do about breast milk. For example, we only recently discovered that when a baby’s saliva is … [Read more...]

Why Weight Loss is Harder for Women

It’s not a myth. Losing weight is, in fact, harder for women. Women often get discouraged because they try to do everything right – eat healthy, watch calories, and exercise – and yet the scale doesn’t move. There are several different reasons why it’s more difficult; some are biological and … [Read more...]

Dos and Don’ts for Staying Well This Holiday Season

It's that time of year again when holiday cheer is filling the North Florida air (in place of the cold weather perhaps). Unfortunately, some other things can also fill the air, like germs and holiday stress. With a few steps, though, you can successfully navigate your way through the holiday … [Read more...]

Alcohol Exposure: Not Even Once

It’s a common conception that alcohol and pregnancy should not mix, but what are the biological factors that go into play? What exactly happens in utero that makes this combination so dangerous for an unborn child? Biological Aspects and Impact Unborn children absorb their nutrition straight from … [Read more...]

Combatting Hypertension during Pregnancy

Research shows that approximately one in ten women will develop high blood pressure (hypertension) during pregnancy.  Not only can out-of-control blood pressure be dangerous to the mother, but also to the unborn child. A person is considered to have hypertension when their blood pressure measures … [Read more...]

Feeling a Cold Coming On? Pregnancy and Your Immune System

Being sick is no fun, but especially when you’re pregnant. During pregnancy, your immune system is suppressed and runs at a “lower speed” than normal. While a suppressed immune system doesn’t seem like a good thing, it actually helps the baby to survive in your uterus. The fetus is like a foreign … [Read more...]

Make the Right Nutrition Choices During Pregnancy

What an amazing feeling to know that a little person is growing inside of you!  A mother’s responsibility to take care of herself during pregnancy is not something to take lightly.  Your choices affect your little one in so many ways.  Choosing proper nutrition for you and your baby should be high … [Read more...]

Possible Risks of Caffeine Consumption During Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, you’ve probably been searching the “do and do not” lists of pregnancy. You may have run across advice to limit your caffeine intake, which for coffee addicts or cola fans seems like a daunting task. While there is no official consensus on the satisfactory amount of caffeine … [Read more...]

Your Joints May Be More Susceptible To Injury During Menstruation

All women are familiar with the physical effects that come along with their monthly menstrual cycle. The headaches can hit hard and fast, and the bloating can make your jeans a little tighter than normal. Oh, and don’t forget about those ever-faithful cramps… As if that’s not enough, joint pain … [Read more...]