Breast Cancer Awareness: Why It Matters & How It Saves Lives

We all know someone who has been affected by breast cancer. It may be a close family member, friend, or maybe a neighbor down the street. We all know someone. October is breast cancer awareness month. Why is breast cancer awareness so important? Because the more we talk about breast cancer, … [Read more...]

Your First Mammogram: Common Questions Answered

Is it going to be painful? Do I really need to get this done now? I’m too young to be going for a mammogram. What if they find something? These are all very normal concerns a young woman might have before getting her first mammogram. Your first mammogram can be a nerve-wracking experience. But … [Read more...]

The Importance of Regular Breast Self-Exams

Breast self-exams (BSEs) are not something many women, especially those who are younger, remember to do on a regular basis. However, it should be a monthly priority for every woman. These exams can help you detect any abnormalities and some types of breast cancer early, allowing for treatment to … [Read more...]

Breast Cancer Month Recap – All About Women Sponsors the Eastside Striders

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month now behind us, our physicians and staff would like to applaud a group of local high school students that are working in a big way every year to rally for the survivors and fighters of breast cancer. All About Women is proud to sponsor the Eastside Striders, a … [Read more...]

New Study Reveals Breastfeeding May Help Lower Cancer Recurrence

A recent study published on April 28th of this year in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute has concluded that women with cancer who breast-fed their babies were less likely to get a recurring case of cancer or die from the disease than women who did not breastfeed. Marilyn Kwan, research … [Read more...]

Reasons Why Young Women Should Perform Self Breast Exams

When you are young, the furthest thought from your mind is breast cancer.  “I’m too young to have to worry about that,” you may say.  The truth of the matter is, even young women are being diagnosed with this form of cancer.  Other than some forms of skin cancer, breast is the most common cancer … [Read more...]

Study Shows Link between High Cholesterol and Breast Cancer

Breast cancer, the dreaded word that we hear so often, is the second leading cause of death among American women.  Did you know that this year alone approximately 232,670 women in the US will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer? What is causing such a staggering amount of women to have to … [Read more...]

New Hope in Avoiding Early Menopause for Breast Cancer Patients

For young women facing chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment, there's a stark reality that while the chemotherapy may save their life, it can potentially cause early menopause and thus limit their future fertility. When added to chemotherapy, a drug called goserelin may significantly reduce … [Read more...]

Exercise Reduces Breast Cancer Risk for ALL Women

If you want one sure way to help reduce your risk of breast cancer, exercise is your best bet. Any amount of exercise will reduce your risk at least some. And that advice holds true for all women everywhere, regardless of their age and current fitness level. That’s according to the recent … [Read more...]

Breast Cancer Survivors Beating Fatigue with Yoga, Recent Study Finds

A new study shows that regularly practicing yoga could help breast cancer survivors reduce levels of inflammation and fatigue that follow breast cancer treatments. The study, published in the most recent edition of the Journal of Clinical Oncology, examined the long-term benefits of yoga on the … [Read more...]