Can Mindfulness Help in Childbirth?

Fear of childbirth is common for many first-time mothers. This fear erodes a pregnant woman’s confidence and has been proven to result in a more difficult labor, harder delivery outcomes and an increase in postpartum depression. A recent study completed by researchers at the University of … [Read more...]

Understanding the Apgar Score

Just after a baby is born, a doctor, midwife or nurse performs a quick test on the newborn and gives he or she an Apgar score. The test is typically completed one minute after birth and again five minutes later. The goal is to evaluate the baby’s health and determine if he or she requires any … [Read more...]

Midwives of the 21st Century

You’ve come a long way, Baby. In today’s world of high technology, you might think that midwives were a thing of the past. Not so; midwifery is still going strong. Midwifery care is one of the oldest medical practices known to man. It is mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible as well as … [Read more...]

Helping Induce Your Labor Along

Is there anything you can do to induce labor yourself? As the due date approaches, many couples are eager for labor to begin so they can finally meet their little one. In especially hot weather, pregnant women are extremely uncomfortable and start looking for a safe way to jump-start labor in … [Read more...]

Women’s Health Research in 2012: the Year in Review

We discussed quite a bit of women’s health research over the past year. Some studies only confirmed things we already knew, while other proved truly enlightening.  If you missed some of these stories, check out our recap of the year in women’s health research. In January, we learned the … [Read more...]

MRI Creates High Detail Video of Twins in Womb

Doctors in London have employed an MRI technique in the diagnosis of a condition that can affect twins in the womb, and the result is a pretty amazing video of what goes on inside a pregnant woman’s uterus. The condition is called twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, and it affects identical twins. … [Read more...]

Progestogens and Premature Birth

Obstetrics and Gynecology has just published the results of a decades-long study undertaken at Vanderbilt University, and they provide some valuable and fascinating information on the effects of progestogen therapy to help expecting mothers avoid giving birth prematurely. What are … [Read more...]

Smile! It’s Good for Your Heart

Normally we talk about health issues specific to women here, but we just read a study that crosses gender lines, one that we think is worth sharing. It’s about a way you can reduce your stress level and help your heart, and all you have to do is smile. The study, completed by researchers at the … [Read more...]

Number of Twin Births on the Rise

In 1980, one in every 53 children born was a twin, but according to a recent study performed at Michigan University, today that number has risen to one in every 30. Although this might seem like a simple statistic, it has far-reaching implications for the health of both mothers and infants according … [Read more...]