That Time of the Month:
How and Why You Should Track Your Cycles

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, trying to avoid pregnancy or want to plan your next beach vacation, tracking your period is a very useful tool. It can help you determine how long your cycles are, understand when you ovulate and make an accurate guess as to when you’ll start each month. It … [Read more...]

Is Tracking Your Period Important? Yes!

If your doctor asked you when you had your last period, would you be able to name the exact day your menstrual cycle started or would you have to track your brain for a good guess? In the busy days and weeks of life, tracking your period from month-to-month is easily forgotten, but it is very … [Read more...]

Your Joints May Be More Susceptible To Injury During Menstruation

All women are familiar with the physical effects that come along with their monthly menstrual cycle. The headaches can hit hard and fast, and the bloating can make your jeans a little tighter than normal. Oh, and don’t forget about those ever-faithful cramps… As if that’s not enough, joint pain … [Read more...]

Information on the Behavior of Sperm Could Lead to New Treatments for Infertility

It has long been understood that the process of fertilization involves sperm swimming through the female reproductive system on their way to rendezvous with an egg, but there’s some new research out of the UK that explains how the trip is a bit more complicated than that, and that in addition to … [Read more...]

Common Medical Treatments for Menstrual Cramps

Each menstrual cycle, many women experience menstrual cramps, which often times can be rather painful (…or at minimum, a nuisance). Several at-home remedies provide relief. These include placing a hot towel on the abdomen, drinking a warm beverage or massaging the abdomen area. Sometimes though, … [Read more...]

New Research Suggests Females More Susceptible to Infection During Ovulation

Ovulation, which can be defined as the phase in the menstrual cycle where an “egg” (…or oocyte or female gamete) is released, also increases the risk of infection according to new research published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology. It suggests that a woman’s ovarian cycle plays an important … [Read more...]