The Importance of Exercising During Menopause

We all know that exercise is recommended for a healthy lifestyle. But did you know that exercise during menopause is especially important for women? How Does Exercise Help Women During Menopause? During menopause, many women experience depression, weight gain and loss of muscle mass. Exercise can … [Read more...]

New Study Regarding Menopausal Women and Low Heart Attack Risk

According to a recent study published in the American Journal Heart Association, menopausal women have a lower heart attack risk than men.  However, these findings were show to be not as prominent in African American women. It has often be assumed in the medical community that women going through … [Read more...]

Women May Soon Have Access to Libido Boosting Drug

Although Viagra has for years now made headlines as being the cure to suppressed male sexual performance, there hasn't been anything quite like it available for women. That may soon change though as the FDA Advisory committee voted 16-1 to recommend the drug flibanserin to the FDA. Although the … [Read more...]

Maintaining Your Mental Health through Menopause

Menopause can be an incredibly difficult time for so many women.  Your mental health is important at any age, but during menopause you may experience severe feelings of depression or mood swings that you may never have dealt with before. Besides some of the obvious physical changes that can … [Read more...]

Frequent Hot Flashes Can Last 7 Years or More, Researchers Find

A recent study by researchers at Wake Forest University confirms what postmenopausal women have already known for decades: that hot flashes can last for years.  Despite women reporting up to 10 years of hot flashes, leading medical institutes – including the North American Menopause Society – assert … [Read more...]

Is Exercise Important During and After Menopause?

We have all heard it throughout our life how important exercise is.  Some people have taken it seriously and others haven’t.  You may think once you hit a certain age that exercise is no longer necessary - nothing could be farther from the truth!! As we age and enter the menopause stage, it is … [Read more...]

Looking for an Alternative to Hot Flash Treatment? Try Acupuncture

When it comes to treating the hot flashes of menopause, hormone therapy is considered by the medical community to be the most effective form of treatment. But some women, such as breast cancer survivors, are unable to use synthetic hormones. Other women choose not to use hormone treatment because of … [Read more...]

New Term Aimed to Help Women Discuss Postmenopausal Problems: Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause

Over half of postmenopausal women suffer "down there" from similar symptoms, including painful sex, painful urination and increased urgency, and reoccurring urinary tract infections. But often times, women don't know that these symptoms are related to one another, or that treatments are … [Read more...]

Another Reason to Avoid Soda: Sugary Beverages May Increase Your Risk of Endometrial Cancer

As much as you may love a cold Coke or a glass of sweet tea, you probably know that these sugary beverages have their health risks. The Harvard School of Public Health notes that sugary beverage intake can double your risk of developing type-2 diabetes, as well as increase your risk of developing … [Read more...]

Estrogen Levels Don’t Affect Postmenopausal Thinking, Study Finds

A new study out of Stanford University's School of Medicine suggests that hormone levels after menopause have no noticeable affect on mental cognition or mood. The study was led by Stanford neurologist Victor Henderson and was recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of … [Read more...]